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Arbaeen e Imam Hussain (a) is a unique event which connects millions of people from all around the globe in Karbala. We aim to bring Shia organisations, leaders, professionals and communities united under the umbrella of Imam Hussain (a). We can sit together, share ideas and implement bigger projects together. Let’s gather not only on the day of Arbaeen but stay connected and united throughout the year.

Arbaeen | Global Networking
Arbaeen | Global Networking


Our strategy to serve the purpose of this project is: Annual Networking Event on 21st Safar in shrine of Imam Hussain(a) in Karbala. We will be inviting global organisations, experts, professional, scholars, volunteers and individuals to attend this event to showcase their work and share their strategies to serve the Shia community in a more effective and unanimous way.

Arbaeen Global Networking Platform lets organisations and individuals connect with each other for guidance, support, volunteer work or contributions. Its aimed to be a central place to aid networking among the followers of Imam Hussain(a)


This platform is an initiative of Ahlulbayt Association Portugal, a registered charity based in Lisbon, Portugal. The core team includes four individuals who are passionate to unite the followers of Imam Hussain(a) and increase collaboration among various organisations and individuals. We work with various respected and renowned scholars, community leaders and professionals who have been contributing towards the welfare of society and serving humanity following the footsteps of Ahlulbayt(a).